Tulsa Atheist Rendezvous

Tulsa Atheist Rendezvous grew out of the Atheists Meetup group in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We seek to provide an opportunity for those who self-identify as atheists to meet with one another for fellowship and to discuss matters of mutual interest. --Dan Nerren, moderator

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good TAR meeting today

At first I was thinking I was going to be the only one to show up for the TAR meeting at Barnes & Noble, but then Gail came in, soon followed by Harold, Howard, Richard, Julia, and Warren. Seven in all were there today. Should I call us The Magnificient Seven? Is that being a bit too vain?

Anyway, I'm glad for the attendance, especially in light of the poor showing we have made in recent months. I am encouraged now to keep on.

I read a poem by my favorite poet Philip Appleman. The poem was "Noah." The poem seemed to have been well-received by the group. At next month's TAR meeting I would like to read another Appleman poem. I also read a paragraph from an opinion piece from the newspaper pertaining to Kevin Phillips's new book American Theocracy.

I would also like to invite others to bring a freethought reading next month that you like.

There is a possibility that we might change the venue for the Rendezvous. Today, to be heard I had to talk louder than the nearby cappuccino machine. I might scout around for another place for us to meet. If anybody has a recommendation, let me know.


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