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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I often listen to KWTU while driving in my car. Recently I noticed another station's signal -- a signal from a Christian radio station -- interferring with the signal from KWTU. I would be listening to a Mozart symphony and all of a sudden hear someone say "Prasie Jesus" or some other kind of god-talk. I sent an e-mail to the KWTU and asked them what was happening. Below is the response I received from Rich Fisher.

Mr Nerren,

Thanks for writing. We have not decreased power for KWTU. The
interference is from a religious station west of Ponca City. They are
also at 88.7 and during the spring and fall, atmospheric conditions
cause a bounce phenomenon that causes stations to be heard far beyond
their normal range. The Ponca City KLUV is licensed for more power
than KWTU (nothing we can do there) and when the bounce occurs it can
overpower KWTU in its fringe areas. And yes, Sand Springs is a fringe
area for KWTU. Our transmitters are located to the north of Coweta. FCC
requires non-commercial stations (88-92fm) to be co-located or located
immediately near Channel 6 TV stations to avoid TV-radio interference.

All that said, these atmospheric conditions are weather related. Once
Summer gives up for Autumn, they should dissipate. Expect similar
conditions in Spring as well. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and
thank you for listening.

Best Regards,
Rich Fisher
Public Radio Tulsa GM


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