Tulsa Atheist Rendezvous

Tulsa Atheist Rendezvous grew out of the Atheists Meetup group in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We seek to provide an opportunity for those who self-identify as atheists to meet with one another for fellowship and to discuss matters of mutual interest. --Dan Nerren, moderator

Monday, June 23, 2008

Notes from Atheists Meetup 6/22/08

Today's meetup was lengthy. We started shortly after 1 pm and wound up around 4 pm. The meeting was attended by 20 members.

We will be changing the starting time of the meetups to 1pm. Kenny talked some more about his effort to get a TV ad aired. He has put a lot of work into getting an ad on the air, and I appreciate all his efforts. We are still waiting on final approval.

Kenny recommended we go to a dues-paying structure for membership starting next year. If a person has to put up a little money, he is more likely to show up and be active. We have often been disappointed by people signing up and never showing up.

I learned that the audio portion of our ad has been playing on Freethought Radio. Also, Kenny has been contacted by Esquire magazine who is interested in doing a story on his efforts. Someone suggested we all get together to view the ad on July 3 (ad to air on July 4 after midnight). Laury offered to open up the Agora for our use.